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Balance Your Ride With Shocks & Struts Service

A smooth, well-balanced ride is primarily determined by the condition of your suspension system. Two critical components of your suspension system are the shocks and struts, which support your vehicle by absorbing road impact, limiting bounce, and keeping your tires in firm contact with the road. When worn shocks and struts are left ignored, the suspension system becomes unstable and leaves drivers at risk for collision or loss of control.

Enhance your vehicle’s handling performance with the expert shocks and struts solutions at Captain's Auto Sales. We are Appleton, WI’s complete auto repair and 24-hour towing center, providing a comprehensive range of automotive services to motorists throughout the Greater Fox Cities area. If your vehicle’s steering and suspension system are in need of service, get in touch with us and schedule your appointment today!

struts of a car

The Difference Between Shocks and Struts

Although shocks and struts can often be confused for one another, these two distinct parts play two separate roles within the suspension system. While it’s true that shocks and struts both contribute to the quality of your vehicle’s steering, handling, and brakes, the two components serve entirely different purposes.


Not surprisingly, shocks perform one primary function – shock absorption. The shocks of a suspension system are individual components that control and dissipate spring and suspension movement. Modern shock absorbers are designed with velocity-sensitive hydraulics, allowing them to adapt to the varying conditions on the road by providing more movement resistance the faster the suspension moves. The shocks are vital in reducing excessive bounce, controlling the rate of weight transfer, and maintaining handling and brake control.


The suspension system would be incomplete and inefficient without the support of struts. Struts are similar to shocks because they both control spring and suspension movement caused by road conditions, but struts are also responsible for providing structural support to the chassis and suspension system and holding the tires in an aligned position. Since struts are vital components to the suspension’s structure, they are a fundamental element that impacts your ride’s handling, control, and overall comfort.

The Hassle-Free Auto Repair Experience

At Captain's Auto Sales, we take pride in offering exceptional auto repair and maintenance services to our communities in the Greater Appleton area. We offer a full spectrum of automotive solutions, from standard tune-ups and inspections to extensive mechanical repair and replacement, our auto experts have the knowledge, skill, and industry experience to keep your car performing at its best. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment and discover the fast, affordable approach to automotive services.

Contact Captain's Auto Sales formerly Christy’s Service Inc. Today!