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Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Don’t let a faulty HVAC system in your vehicle detract from your comfort while behind the wheel. As part of our comprehensive range of auto repair services, Captain's Auto Sales in Appleton, WI is proud to provide expert heating and air conditioning services to motorists throughout the Greater Fox Cities area. If your heating and air conditioning system isn’t functioning the way it should, bring your vehicle to our shop, where our certified mechanics can inspect every component to diagnose the issue and revive the performance of your HVAC system. Learn more about our heating and air conditioning service and repair solutions and schedule your appointment today.

AC knob in a car

Enhance the Comfort of Your Commute

Your vehicle’s HVAC system is a vital component that keeps you cool in the summer and warm and cozy during the winter. Inefficient or malfunctioning heat or A/C can significantly impact your comfort and driving visibility, leading to safety hazards – or at the very least, a very miserable commute. At Captain's Auto Sales, our automotive professionals are highly trained and experienced with HVAC systems in vehicles of all types, utilizing the latest diagnostic technology to resolve any heating or cooling issue. As your complete auto repair partner, we’ll provide a thorough assessment and an affordable repair plan to restore the integrity and lifespan of your vehicle’s HVAC system.

ac repair on a car

Does My Vehicle’s Heat or A/C Need Service?

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s heat or A/C, you can always bring your vehicle to us for a convenient inspection, but there are also several symptoms you can identify to determine if your car’s HVAC unit needs service. If you’re experiencing any of the following signs of HVAC trouble, we recommend scheduling a service appointment with our auto repair specialists at Captain's Auto Sales today!

  • The A/C blows air only slightly cooler than the external temperature
  • The interior doesn’t sufficiently heat up in the winter
  • Vented air emits an off-putting odor
  • There is an extended delay when engaging the defrost function
  • The heat or A/C only works when the vehicle is in motion
  • Vented air is weak even at the highest setting

Choose the Automotive Experts at Captain's Auto Sales formerly Christy’s Service Inc.

Since 1934, Captain's Auto Sales has provided world-class auto repair solutions the Greater Appleton area can always count on. Our team of professionals consists of seasoned leaders in the automotive industry, offering the honest, dependable, and highly affordable our customers deserve. Contact us to schedule a service appointment and optimize your vehicle’s performance today.

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